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Chapter Sixteen

Who are absolved from the mitzvah of succah

1. Who are absolved from the mitzvah of succah?

Women, children, and slaves are absolved from the mitzvah of succah. A tumtum (a person of unknown sex) and hermaphrodite, are obligated in succah out of doubt. A person who is half slave and half free is also obligated in succah (Shulchan Aruch section 1).

2. Based on the above a women who sits in the succah, would she be permitted to make the blessing of laishaiv basuccah ?

Women are not obligated in the mitzvah of succah, since it is a positive mitzvah with a fixed time. However if they want to sit in the succah the custom is for them to make the blessing. Others however should not make the blessing for them even if they are unable to make it for themselves (M.B. section 1).

3. At what age do we start training children in the mitzvah of succah?

We start training children from when they reach their sixth or seventh birthday (see Ba'er Hativ section 2) each child according to his intelligence. At that time there would be a Rabbinical requirementfor then to sit in the succah in order to train them in mitzvohs (Shulchan Aruch section 2).

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