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Chapter 11 - Succah not constructed explicitly for the mitzvah

  1. Definition of succahs ganbach and rakbash
  2. Other new concepts in reference to ganbach and rakbash
  3. Digging through pile of hay and forming succah
  4. Using pile of hay as kosher s'chach
  5. Consequence of size of pile
  6. If s'chach of pile is very thick
  7. Succah whose walls were built before s'chach
  8. Possibility of using succah whose walls were built before s'chach
Chapter 12 - Halachos pertaining to an old succah
  1. Explanation of old succah
  2. Succah built without purposely thinking that it should be for Yom Tov
  3. Specific halachos in reference to old succah
  4. To renew something in succah
  5. Another way to renew something in succah
  6. If nothing is renewed in an old succah
  7. Halachah in reference to Succahs ganbach and rakbash
  8. A succah that stands from year to year
  9. Succah that is used as dwelling during rest of the year
Chapter 13 - Halachos pertaining to a borrowed or stolen succah
  1. Building a succah on Chol Hamoed
  2. Doing forbidden work on Chol Hamoed for construction of succah
  3. Using several succahs during Succos
  4. Fulfilling mitzvah in someone else's succah
  5. A succah that was seized
  6. Using succah without permission of owner
  7. Receiving permission from owners wife
  8. Constructing succah upon someone else's property
  9. Constructing succah upon public land
  10. Constructing succah in courtyard of shul
  11. Cutting s'chach from land belonging to non-jew
  12. If there is government permission to take wood from forest
  13. Purchasing s'chach from non - jewish robber
  14. Someone who steals wood and constructs a succah
  15. Lending without permission material to support s'chach
  16. Stealing succah located on boat, wagon or a succah on wheels
  17. In previous question if others use stolen succah
  18. Evacuating by force occupants of succah built on your property
Chapter 14 - Succah and decorations being prohibited entire seven days
  1. Making personal use of s'chach or succah wood during Succos
  2. If succah collapses during Succos
  3. Meaning of wood that supports succah
  4. If additional wall is added to succah
  5. Succah that was not actually used for the mitzvah
  6. Does using succah one time always prohibit it
  7. Hanging food in succah as decoration
  8. Esrog hung in succah for decorative purposes
  9. Possibility of using food hung as decoration for other purposes
  10. Decorations that are hung upon wall
  11. hanging food in succah with children
  12. Removing decorations on Yom Tov that are tied to succah
  13. Decorations falling on to table interfering with meal
  14. Hanging curtains containing shatnes as succah walls
  15. Cutting out psukim on pumpkins etc.
  16. Smelling Hadasim that were used as s'chach
  17. Esrog that was hung as decoration
  18. Disposing of s'chach after Yom Tov
Chapter 15 - Halachos of dwelling in succah
  1. Fulfilling mitzvah of dwelling in succah
  2. Explanation, that succah should be considered his permanent locale and his home only as a temporary place
  3. Making blessing upon succah containing pots and pans
  4. Halachos pertaining to menorah in succah
  5. Urinating in succah
  6. Martial relations in succah
  7. Washing dishes in the succah
  8. Differences between the obligation to eat and sleep in the succah
  9. Definition of a nap
  10. Falling asleep outside of the succah
  11. Snacking outside of the succah
  12. Modern day measurements of an egg
  13. Drinking outside of succah
  14. Drinking wine
  15. Drinking coffee, cocoa and tea
  16. Drinking light drinks such as malt, cola etc.
  17. Eating fruits outside of succah
  18. Eating meat, fish and cheese
  19. Difference between Shabbos, Yom Tov and Chol Hamoed
  20. Cooked foods from the five grains
  21. Making the blessing on the succah when partaking of the five grains
  22. Those that don't sleep in succah
  23. If unable to be with wife in succah
  24. Sleeping alone in succah
  25. Eating in succah on first night
  26. Source for requirement to eat in succah first night
  27. Uniqueness of this obligation
  28. Quantity of bread obligated to eat on first night
  29. Other time requirement on first night
  30. Additional requirements on first night
  31. What thoughts should a person have while eating the required bread in succah on first night
  32. Making blessing on succah after midnight
  33. Additional comparisons between Succos and Pesach
  34. The second day of Yom Tov
  35. Eating bread in succah during the entire seven days
  36. If someone is more comfortable learning in house instead of succah
  37. Saying ones prayers in succah
  38. Saying Havdalah in succah
  39. What to do when it rains
  40. Someone who leaves succah in middle of meal
  41. When it rains on first evening of Yom Tov
  42. In above case saying the blessing
  43. Waiting on first night till rain stops
  44. If waiting causes discomfort due to hunger or sleepiness
  45. After leaving succah because of rain it stops
  46. If rain stops after going to bed
  47. Raining on second night of Yom Tov
  48. Waiting for ran to stop on second night of Yom Tov
  49. Leaving succah in middle of sleep because of rain and then it stops
  50. Sleeping in covered succah during rain and then rain stops
  51. In previous case opening covering while in middle of meal
  52. If rain stops and succah is still wet however neighbor has dry succah due to its covering
  53. When succah can be vacated at commencing of rain
  54. Someone absolved from succah due to rain etc. decides to stay there
  55. How to behave when leaving succah due to rain
  56. Proper time to make blessing of leishaiv basuccah
  57. After making blessing there was no from succah
  58. Leaving succah while in middle of meal to daven
  59. When to make blessing of leishaiv basuccah if one is fasting or does not intend to eat bread
  60. Someone after making hesach hada’as from succah returns and doesn't intend to have meal till much later at night and in meantime he will leave succah to go to shul
  61. Changing to friends succah in middle of meal and desiring to eat there
  62. Remembering in middle of meal that the blessing leishaiv basuccah was not made
  63. Succos night realizing after kiddush that the covering is still upon the succah
Chapter 16 - Those that are absolved from the mitzvah of succah
  1. Those that are exempt from the mitzvah
  2. A women making blessing of leishaiv basuccah
  3. From what age to start training children
  4. A child whose father is usually home
  5. If child has no father
  6. A person who is sick
  7. Those that nurse the patient
  8. Definition of a sick person
  9. Someone in depressed mode
  10. Doctors and nurses in hospital absolved from succah also on the first night
  11. Someone having to take care of small children
  12. Status of those absolved from the succah in reference to the first night
  13. Nursing people in distress
  14. Hired nurse who eats and sleeps with employer
  15. Example of someone being distressed because of the succah
  16. Someone in distress because of the cold
  17. Constructing succah in location of bad odor, wind, etc.
  18. Constructing a succah in the street
  19. If lights go out in succah on Shabbos
  20. Someone who doesn't have room to build succah in his yard
  21. If wind might blow out candles in succah
  22. Spreading out a sheet on top of s'chach to prevent wind from entering
  23. If succah is too small to enable sleeping in a normal position
  24. Criteria to know when distress can absolve from mitzvohs succah
  25. Other conditions for distress to absolve from mitzvohs succah
  26. Mourner in reference to mitzvohs succah
  27. Onan in reference to mitzvohs succah
  28. A Chosen in reference to mitzvohs succah
  29. Having Seudas mitzvah during Succos
  30. People that are on errands involving mitzvohs
  31. Who is included in the category of shluchei mitzvah
  32. If the shluchei mitzvah is receiving compensation
  33. Travelers in reference to mitzvohs succah
  34. Someone traveling just for pleasure
  35. Traveling to villages for business where no succah is available
  36. Watchman in reference to mitzvohs succah
  37. Watchmen of gardens and orchids
  38. Storekeepers in reference to mitzvohs succah
  39. Wine making in non-jewish area
Chapter 17 - Not making the blessing She’he’cheyanu upon construction of succah
  1. If there is obligation to say She’he’cheyanu upon construction of succah
  2. If She’he’cheyanu is only applicable to newly constructed succahs
  3. If She’he’cheyanu can be said for someone else
  4. Explaining to what the blessing of She’he’cheyanu during Kiddish is referring 533
  5. If She’he’cheyanu was already said at time of construction
  6. If on first night She’he’cheyanu was said in the house
Chapter 18 - When first day of Succos in on Shabbos
  1. Do we say the brocha of ma’ain Shevah
  2. Saying the ma’arovis
  3. Saying bameh madlikin
Chapter 19 - The order of Kiddish
  1. Order of Kiddish on first night
  2. If time of succah construction has bearing upon order of Kiddish
  3. Saying leishaiv basuccah before Kiddish
  4. If She’he’cheyanu was forgotten on first night
  5. When to say She’he’cheyanu on second night of Succos
  6. Saying Kiddish sitting or standing
  7. Standing when saying leishaiv basuccah according to Rambam
  8. Saying blessings in loud voice
  9. Order of saying leishaiv basuccah during the rest of the Holiday
  10. Proper time to say leishaiv basuccah on Shabbos and Yom Tov
  11. Proper procedure when wanting to eat only cake
  12. If Kiddish is made in house and you eat in succah or vice-verse
  13. Measurements for a r’vi’is of wine
  14. Making Kiddish in succah within house and afterwards having to change to different room
Chapter 20 - Halachos of the succah on the seventh day
  1. How to conduct ourselves on the seventh day which is the last day we that we use the succah in Eretz Yisroel
  2. If someone wants to eat in the succah on Shmini Aseres
  3. If someone wants to eat in the succah after the holiday
  4. How to conduct ourselves outside living outside of Eretz Yisroel
  5. If you must use the succah on the ninth day outside of Eretz Yisroel
Chapter 21 - The succah and its decorations are prohibited the entire eight day
  1. Until when is it prohibited to use the succah and its decorations
  2. Until when are they prohibited outside of Eretz Yisroel
  3. When leaving the succah for the last time
  4. If chairs etc. can be removed from succah in order to prepare for Simchas Torah
  5. Examples of things prohibited because of hachonah (preparation)

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