by Rabbi Eli Teitelbaum

Rabbi Eli Teitelbaum is a Rebbi at the Yeshiva and Mesivta Torah Temimah, Director of Camp Sídei Chemed International, Israel and Executive Director of the Torah Communications Network, producers of Dail-A-Daf, Dial-A-Shiur, Shiur Yomi and Mishnah-On-The-Phone.

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Table of Contents
1) Chag Hamatzos
2) "Kol dichfin yasei uyachal"
3) Mah nishtanah
4) The Hey and the Ches
5) A person must see himself as if he left Mitzrayim
6) Golus Mitzrayim - How Many Years?
7) V'rav cmoh she'n'e'emar
8) With a strong hand, an outstretched arm and with great fear
9) The Makos and Mosheís Stick
10) Nochosh or Tanin - Which Is It?
11) A Stick That Turns Into A Snake - Isnít That Elementary?
12) The Makkos As Mentioned In Tehillim?
13) "Moshe - for I have drawn him form the water"
14) "Pakod Pokadti" - That Special Password!
14B) Arami oved avi - vayered Mitzraymah
15) The Egyptian Avoda Zoroh - The River Or the Sheep?
16) Avodah Zoroh - Itís All A Mirage!
17) "This is how you should eat it (the Korban Pesach) with your belts on, your shoes on and your sticks in your hands" -What's the big rush?
18) Letís Eat It Together - Korbon Pesach
19) "A wise man will take mitzvos"
20) You Try Your Best - Hashem Will Do the Rest!
21) The 50th Level of Tumoh
22) Who Gets the Credit?
23) The Meaning of the Strange Phey
24) What's In A Name?
25) "Hashem hardened Paroh's heart"
26) "This night we dip twice"
28) Dayeinu: It Would Have Been Enough
29) If Hashem would have brought us to Har Sinai, but had not given us the Torah - Dayeinu
30) Chad Gadya
31) Rabbi Yehuda gave signs for the makkos; d'tzach adash b'achav
32) "b'domeiyich chayee b'domeiyich chayee"
33) Chometz and Matzoh
34) The First Three Makkos
35) The Tam Asks, What Is This
36) The Four Cups of Wine:Their Meaning and Significance
37) Survival in Golus
38) Why The Repetition

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