Order of Davening

Monday March 17 - Ta’anis Esther
Monday is a Ta’anis Tzibur. See the Ta'anis Ester page.
Shacharis- add slichos and Avinu Malkeinu. In Chazaras Hashatz (Shacharis and Mincha), the sh'liach tzibur (if he’s fasting) adds Aneinu, after the brocha of Go’el Yisroel.
After Chazoras Hashatz say Selichos for Ta'anis ester, and Avinu Malkeinu.
K’rias Hatorah - Read Vayechal - three alios. A person not fasting should not get an aliyah. If he is the only Cohen or Levi, he should preferably walk out before leining.
Mincha - K’rias HaTorah, same as Shacharis. A minimum of six people fasting is required for K’rias HaTorah. Third aliyah is Maftir, may not be given to a cohen or levi.
Aneinu is added in Sh'ma Koleinu, by those who are fasting.
Tachanun and Avinu Malkeinu are not said at Mincha.

After Mincha we give Machatzis Hashekel. See the Machatzis Hashekel page.

Monday night - Purim
Ma’ariv - regular ma’ariv add Al Hanisim in shmoneh esrei (and during all tefilos on Purim). During bentching Al Hanisim is also added. See Al Hanisim Page for details.
Following shmoneh esrei, kaddish is said and the meggilah is read.
After the Megilah, V’atah Kadosh is said, followed by kaddish said by the shatz. (There are various opinions as to whether the kaddish tiskabel, is said after shmoneh esrei, or after v’atoh kadosh, or after both.)
After Kaddish Alainu is said.
Tuesday - Purim. Shacharis - no Tachanun or Lam’natzaiach is said. K’rias Hatorah - three alios in Vayavo Amalek (the end of B’shalach) are read. Megilah is read after K’rias HaTorah.
Mincha - regular Mincha, no Ta’cha’nun.
Wednesday - Shushan Purim. No Tachanun or Lam’natzaiach is said.

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