Purim Message

by Rabbi Sternberg

We see that by Taanis Esther this year, that since it falls out on Shabbos we fast on Thursday which is not the general rule by a taanis. The rule is that we push off a taanis not bring it in early. The other problem is that we don't generally have a fast on the day before a chag.

The Or Gedaliah wants to say that the purpose of this fast is to show us, as the Rambam brings down in Hilchos Taanis, that a Jew should never think that things are without divine hashgacha. That is the purpose of a fast - for us to realize that what happens to us is a result of our actions. This is precisely why, the Or Gedaliah says, is the reason why Taanis Esther precedes Purim. The purpose in Purim was to show us that beneath all the events that were happening was the divine hashgacha. As soon as the Jews did Teshuva all the events that happened at the Seuda which seemed to go against us now we saw how it brought our Geula. As a result of the Seuda, Esther became the queen. Underneath everything were lying the seeds for the Geula, we just had to see it in the light of hashgacha.

May we all be zoche to come out of this Purim with a stronger awareness of how HaShem always watches over us and to realize that what Haman saw in the month of Adar as the finality - Adar is the last month of the year so it seems as if all comes to an end as he saw Moshe Rabeinu died in Adar but he didn't realize that in Adar we also have the ability to begin again - Moshe was born in Adar as well. May we be zocheh to bring out the hidden light of Adar and to see how HaShem watches over us. May we have our personal and general Geula to see the Mashiach Bemehera Bayameinu.

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